Rose Stackhouse

LICSW and Quantum Hypnotist

My greatest goal is to support others in truly knowing themselves - shedding the programming that keeps us small, feeling unworthy or not good enough.  I believe that you are your own wisdom keeper and best healer who holds the answers within.  And, I believe that everyone is truly, good inside. 
The greatest gift you may ever give yourself is experiencing this first hand. Quantum Hypnosis sessions offer this. Once we experience it in the body, it is held as a memory, easier to return to time and time again.  
I find that people often come to me when they are ready for that next layer of deeper subconscious healing.  They have often completed 'the basics' (meditation, CBT, psychoanalysis, somatic and body based work) and are ready to dive deeper. 
BUT, our nervous system first needs practice and support so it may hold the deep dive.  If you feel you aren't there yet, I invite you to explore some of these steps first, and then come back to me.  No one ever feels fully ready to dive in deep, but there is an inner knowing when it's time.  Remembering that, while the journey is often difficult, the nectar is sweet.  When we surrender to the call, we open to our true calling.  We come into deeper alignment with our true and beautiful selves.  
It can be both exciting and scary to open your psyche up to change, especially with a modality you may have never tried before.  I hold a very safe and loving container in all of the work that I do.  My therapeutic background will support us in assessing the right fit and time for you journeying into the realm of hypnosis.  Please reach out for a 15 minute consultation where we can assess fit, timing within your healing journey to try this modality and answer any questions or concerns.  
I would be honored to connect with you and be invited into your world, respectfully holding and acknowledging the sacredness of this invitation.  


  • End of Life Doula (non-practicing) 
  • Reiki 2 Certified 
  • EMDR Trained 
  • Quantum Hypnosis 


Services Offered:

  • 15 minute Complimentary Consult Call 
  • Extended Consult Call (30 minutes) - $55
  • Hypnosis Package - $600 
    - Includes Consultation, Hypnosis Session, and Processing Session
    - Includes audio recording of session 
  • Hypnosis Session (Single) - $450  
    - Includes Consultation and Hypnosis Session 
  • Processing Session (Single) - $150 


How to Book with me:

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