Wondering why you're here?

Don't worry, this isn't supposed to be an existential question. I mean why you've found me, Monet, in my weird little corner of the internet, through a series of strange synchronicities, which are seeming to point to something important?

Like hundreds and hundreds of my clients and students, it was likely quite a trek to get here. It probably went a little something like this...

You had a spiritual awakening or dived deeper into what spirituality means for you in the past few years. For many of you, this was stirred up by the pandemic.

You've done some (or a lot of) healing, seeking, and searching for information that can explain it all. Somewhere along this search, the term "starseed" came up.

You may have heard it in a dream or a meditation. You may have even heard my name, the name of my podcast, or the name of a specific galactic civilization or species.

You may have experienced unusually vivid dreams that don't feel like Earth, or had a being come to you in a dream or meditation (or even your bedroom!) that was clearly not human, and you're wondering what it all means.

You probably looked up the term "starseed" and, for a hot second, you thought..."maybe this explains everything about me." You were filled with hope.

Then, you googled the term and were either confused, let down, or overwhelmed by the sheer amount of conflicting information out there and way that *influencers* in the space make the starseed movement about conspiracy theories, fear narratives, and consumerism.

It may have given you the ick....because you see through it. 

You're intelligent, educated, and have your life together (at least some of the time, lol). You're wise and an old soul, without even trying. Your friends and family have probably been coming to you for advice your entire life, because you're naturally intuitive. You are not some hippy (no offense to hippies...) in Bali who has checked out of the human race and is claiming they've made it to the 5D and only eats fruit now. You understand that that isn't what spirituality is about!

And so you're still searching for where you fit into this movement, because your intuition is telling you that, despite all the crazies on the internet, this is real and it's important for you to explore for yourself, because it fits.

Somewhere along the way, probably while searching for a podcast about starseeds, you found me. 

Spoiler alert - you didn't find me by accident. Your hunch was correct - It was all orchestrated behind the veil, between my guides and yours.

No such thing as coincidences 


I started my healing practice by training as a quantum hypnosis practitioner and life coach after I left birth work. I began to notice something strange, to the point where it became absolutely undeniable.

My clients and students were not finding me by accident - they were each getting sent to me for very specific reasons.

Folks who had lifetimes in Egypt as priestesses were coming to me because they had received an ankh in their dreams (now I know it was from one of my fractals, Markara).

They were hearing my name in their meditations and googling me. They found me and my podcast because their guides were basically yelling at them to reach out to me.

Sure enough, when we would dig up past lives through hypnosis, we often discovered that we worked together in previous or parallel incarnations, often at a Galactic Federation level in Lyra, Vega, Sirius, or Orion.

I also discovered how invested these the souls of my clients were in the Earth project, often having been here in Ancient Earth before the star people left in Egypt, Atlantis, or Lemuria, having been healers in at the end of the last ice age, often assisting with the Earth grid that was being built at the time.

So many of you are the volunteers - returning to help finish the job - which is assisting humanity in their (our) evolution. This time, we are assisting from the inside, without interfering.

The first step is awakening from our human slumber and making connection with the beings who are gently guiding us along, who hold the key to our purpose, who love us so very much.

They said it first...

A while ago, prior to my channeling abilities coming into full power, I was chatting with a client's very special entity during one of our hypnosis sessions together as my client channeled. This entity was a galactic queen who had been sent by The Elders (the council who organizes these things behind the scenes, who I finally made contact with this year) to nudge me along in my journey.

To my surprise, she said she had been vetting so many important beings who were "lining up to speak with me." I had no idea why. Who were they and why would they want to speak with me, of all people? She also said (like several other entities) that my own cosmic team had made the choice to suppress my abilities for my own benefit and the benefit of the collective mission.

I didn't get it or understand what I would be able to do. The answer revealed itself only after my implant was turned off and my guides advised me to practice using my new gifts with others, when I discovered...

The beings that were lining up to speak with me didn't want to talk to me because I'm special - they are all of beings that are here to support you!

Now that I have the gift of multidimensional channeling and telepathy, allowing me to communicate with any entity (so far) who wishes to speak with me, they can finally get through to you. I'm just the conduit.

They're all lining up to talk to you, not me!

Why? Your guides have been trying to get through to you, to either assist you with your healing or activate your gifts from other lifetimes and teach you how to use them, or both. But unfortunately, they've run into a language barrier.

That's where I come in. I'm a bridge between the Spirit Realm and the Earth Realm.

And if you choose to go through the wormhole, you'll never see yourself the same way again. You have so much to offer this planet. It's time to claim your galactic gifts and heal at the soul level.

Meet Your Fairy Godmother From Space

There are a lot of cult leaders, gurus, and self-proclaimed masters out there trying to gain a following and make a buck (of which there are no short of willing followers) by channeling messages from the Galactic Federation, the Arcturian Council of 246 or whatever, and [insert famous being of your choice here].

But that's not me, nor is it what I do.

Through blood, sweat, tears, lots of mistakes, self-compassion, and sheer stubbornness to learn to follow my own inner compass and not give up on my own healing path, I ended up getting a whole lot more than I bargained for - I discovered who I am. Or rather, what path I chose for myself before coming to this planet. 

 What did I learn?

  • I was part of the Earth Hybrid Program and my DNA was inoculated with a cocktail of mantis DNA and a few other species as an embryo, my memory and¬†extradimensional abilities suppressed via a holographic implant until the timing was right.¬†
  • I have several soul fractals and ancestors who lend their abilities to me as I channel and practice holographic healing. I've only reached the tip of the iceberg to understand what else we can do when we combine our powers to use them for good.
  • I had thought I was here to build upon the modality of quantum hypnosis (made popular by Dolores Cannon and others), but that modality was the essential building blocks for what¬†I do now as a holographic healer. I had to¬†become a master at hypnosis first to truly understand what I'm able to do now, which is heavy¬†energetic work at the soul level.

Think of me as the old witch on the mountain who you have to climb through all the brambles to get to. So if you've found me, congratulations.

There's a reason. 

Work With Monet

Now that you know a bit about me and what I do, here are the different ways and levels to work with me, depending on where you're at in your own journey. Here are my recommendations based on how new you are to your own spiritual, seeking, and healing path.


You're pretty new to all this, and that's okay! Maybe you're not sure if you're ready to step into your galactic self and want to educate yourself first.

1:1 Sessions

Spiritual Guidance Session

A great starting point if you would like guidance in your own journey of discovering who you are and the experiences that you've had.

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Intuitive Galactic Reading

Dip your toes into your soul's past, present, and future with the assistance of the Galactic Heritage Cards to give you insight into who you are and what you're here to do.

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Virtual Learning

The Starseed Awakening Podcast

Where most folks begin, this is the place to listen to hypnosis sessions from actual clients and do a deep dive into my wild journey. You'll learn a lot!

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Self-Guided Sessions

Visit the digital store to download tracks for your own self-guided hypnosis sessions and activations, guided and channeled by me and my team of beings.

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Starseed 101 Class

This class sums up everything I've learned through my hundreds of hypnosis and channeling sessions that I've had with my clients over the years, in one masterclass.

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You're ready to jump in and begin understanding more about yourself and who all is on the other side of the veil waiting for you.

1:1 Sessions

Quantum Hypnosis Session

Book a session with a certified Quantum Healer who has been trained in the QH method by yours truly to retrieve memories of other lifetimes from within your subconscious.

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Past Life Discovery Session

In this channeled session, I connect with your guides who  show me the memories that you most need to discover. Light energy balancing work is included, if desired.

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Animal Spirit Session

In this channeled session, I connect to the Higher Self of a pet of your choice - either here or in spirit - to communicate messages from them for healing their or just because you miss each other!

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Spirit Baby Session

I'll connect to the soul of a baby who hasn't come earthside, for whatever reason, be it fertility challenges, miscarriage, stillbirth, etc. This also works for children on other planets, if you suspect you may be a hybrid (wink wink).

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Virtual Learning

Quantum Hypnosis Course

Whether you want to become a certified Quantum Healer or learn the method for your own self-discovery, you'll learn the principles of quantum hypnosis, with a galactic twist.

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You're ready for deep healing and/or to claim the gifts and abilities waiting for you from your guides and fractals, for the good of all.

1:1 Sessions

Violet Flame Activation

Discover the unique gifts, abilities, and modalities that you have brought here to this planet that another fractal of your soul wants to teach you. If you're looking for your purpose, you'll find it here.

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Soul Repair

The Final Boss of your healing journey, this holographic healing session works by reintegrating any fractals of your soul that have experienced injury due to trauma in a given lifetime.

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Plant Medicine Consultation

If you're ready to accelerate your healing, expand your claires, or open your connection with a soul fractal, I'll guide you through recommendations based on your comfort level.

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How to know if I'm the right guide for you...

If you want to know if I'm the right fit for you and where you're at, it might help to know a bit about who my typical clients and students are.

The folks who work with me...

Tend to be astonishingly grounded. They have their head on straight. They're therapists, medical professionals, healers, teachers, artists, and business owners. Many have families. They don't spend their days and nights watching youtube videos about conspiracy theories on the internet. They read, they listen to podcasts, they're always searching for their truth.

They also have a side to them that feels....empty. Because they know that there's something more for them in this life that they're supposed to be doing.

They're seeing all the signs, but they can't read them.

They've studied metaphysical modalities, such as hypnosis, reiki, tarot, crystals, sound healing, etc., but they know there's something else waiting for them. 

Not to worry, the answers to all your questions are inside of you. With my ability to telepathically channel interdimensional beings, we can connect with whomever has been trying to get your attention.



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