There are Worlds Within Worlds...

Within You

If only you could see them. You have no idea who has been dying to talk to you, if only you could hear them...

In the tapestry of the cosmos, there lies a thread of destiny woven with stardust, that connects you with the higher aspects of your soul. Within you, dear seeker, lie dormant gifts that your soul fractals and ancestors have left for you, in your very DNA.

Within the depths of your being lie treasures, gifts bestowed upon you by the stars themselves. Together, we shall unlock the mysteries of your divine inheritance, illuminating the path to your truest self.

Across the astral seas, your cosmic team awaits. In the realm of the Violet Flame, Monet serves as conduit, engaging in a sacred dialogue of telepathic communion, translating, in great detail, cosmic teachings of your guide, channeling their wisdom with reverence, joy, and awe.


Ancient Magic Reawakened 

When Monet was initiated into the Violet flame, she had no idea just how sacred or important this energy technology is. She had been intuitively using it in her hypnosis sessions for protection and clearings, only vaguely aware of its rich backstory. 

During the pivotal plant medicine journey that kicked off her extradimensional expansion, she was transported to the realm of the Violet Flame and taught how to use it for holographic healing by her extradimensional guides.

History Repeats Itself?

As Monet began to research the history of the Violet Flame, she discovered the teachings of St. Germain, a spiritual figure regarded to be an "Ascended Master" who many have claimed to channel, producing many books filled with Violet Flame teachings that date back to the 1930's. This is where the "I AM Movement" was spurred from. It is said that the flame was used in Atlantis and Lemuria by the ancient priests and priestesses. When these civilizations fell and the star people left Earth, so did the healing technology of the Violet Flame.

Monet also learned that in August of 1987 during the Harmonic Convergence, the world's largest mass meditation, participants all over the world prayed for the Violet Flame to be able to be returned to Earth. Monet was born the same month. Whether this is an odd coincidence or a synchronicity is unknown.

When All Is Lost, All Is Found 

Unaware of how Monet's time in ancient Earth as her parallel incarnation Markara (Bastet) was connected to the Violet Flame, Monet was shocked when Markara filled in the missing pieces during hypnosis.

Monet learned that St. Germaine's past incarnation was the High Priest of the Violet Flame in Lemuria, while Markara worked closely with him as as the High Priestess of the flame in Egypt, teaching the priestesses in her school of celestial magic, alchemy, and energy healing how to us the Flame for assisting the people of Earth.

When Atlantis and Lemuria fell, the star people left, taking the Violet Flame with them, as the humans of Earth were not developmentally ready to awaken and the Earth project was abandoned....for the time being.

However, as the human species is now currently rapidly awakening, the conditions are right for this spiritual technology to be in use again.

The Violet Flame Today

Monet has become the student this time as her guides have been teaching her how to work with this sacred technology for the good of all. Think of it as a unique type of cosmic energy. There are many types of energy being able to be utilized on Earth right now, such as angelic energy, galactic energy, solar energy, etc. Each type of energy has its own unique properties and can be directed for specific uses, by those who have the intention and abilities to work with them. 

The energy of the Violet Flame has its own unique qualities and uses, such as:

  • Opening up and activating dormant codes and¬†gifts that we have all incarnated with from our lifetimes in other star systems
  • Clearing disturbances in the holographic layers of the body caused by trauma or pain imprints, whether it be in your current life or another soul fractal, that are having negative effects in the present
  • Protecting those who traverse other realms¬†through¬†expanded states of consciousness

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Monet is excited to continue learning what else the alchemy of The Violet Flame can do, as she learns more and more every time she uses it in session with herself and her clients.

Work With Monet 

Monet is so excited to be offering one-on-one sessions again! A lot has changed, as she is now able to assist her clients in powerful new ways.

Here are the ways in which you can seek counsel and healing with Monet (types of sessions and price points are likely to evolve as Monet does).

All sessions take place over Zoom.




These guidance sessions are perfect for those looking for mentorship on their spiritual journey.

Whether you've just experienced a starseed awakening and you're in need of support, you have something specific you'd like to seek guidance on, or you want to discuss possible contact experiences, this is a great place to start. 

  • 50 minutes of undivided time with Monet to ask whatever you¬†like and process complex experiences
  • Monet may use her Galactic Heritage Cards to pass¬†along any relevant messages from your guides, but this is not the primary focus of the session
  • Sessions are repeatable as¬†desired and discounted packages are available for those who are looking for ongoing mentorship

Please note: This is not a channeled session nor will there be use of the Violet Flame for the purpose of healing, as that takes careful preparation and heavy energetic expenditure from Monet.

***Interested in booking a Violet Flame Activation, but not sure if you're ready? You can apply the value ($111) of this session, should you and Monet determine that a Violet Flame Activation would benefit you at this stage of your journey. A coupon code will be sent to your inbox upon booking.***





Back by popular demand, this session is completely dedicated to using the Galactic Heritage Cards (a channeled deck created by Monet's Channeling Teacher).

These cards use a mixture of galactic wisdom and civilizations to help pass along any messages from your guides, which may include:

  • Which galactic civilizations you may have lived in, in other incarnations in the past, present, and future
  • Greater awareness of the karmic themes that you have been working through,¬†across this lifetime and others
  • Your purpose or mission for incarnating on Earth at this time
  • Whether you're a starseed (hint: if you're here, you probably are)

Please note: This is not specifically a channeled session nor will there be use of the Violet Flame for the purpose of healing, as that takes careful preparation and heavy energetic expenditure from Monet. That being said, Monet's guides will pass along any messages during the reading that may come through.

***Interested in booking a Violet Flame Activation, but not sure if you're ready? You can apply the value ($222) of this reading, should you and Monet determine that a Violet Flame Activation would benefit you at this stage of your journey. A coupon code will be sent to your inbox upon booking.***





A session like you've never experienced, Monet utilizes her Cosmic Team and the alchemy of the Violet Flame to connect to your guides.

A guide will present themself once Monet connects to your field using the Flame. Then she telepathically translates, in specific detail, what your guide wants you to know. This may include (but is not limited to):

  • What gifts you incarnated with and how to use them, including demonstrations as the guide teaches¬†Monet how you can utilize your untapped abilities
  • Activating codes so that you're able to¬†begin using these¬†gifts
  • Using the Violet Flame to clear any energetic blocks or barriers on any level of your holographic body that are preventing you from using your abilities and stalling your spiritual acceleration
  • Detailed information about who the guide is, their relationship with you, and what they're here to assist you with
  • The opportunity to ask your guide specific questions as related to your spiritual growth and whatever information they are sharing with¬†her
  • Recording of your session¬†

**IMPORTANT: Clients must have worked with Monet previously in order to book this session. If you haven't worked with her,  please book a Galactic Card Reading or Spiritual Guidance Session for her to get acquainted with your energy.** 

Note from Monet: I do not have control over who shows up and what messages they want to convey. I trust fully that your team has your highest good in mind. With that, there are cases in which the guide needs to do foundational work with you first, before you're ready for the fun stuff. In these cases, we spend a great deal of focus on healing and energy work with The Violet Flame to lay the groundwork for future expansion.

Also note: These sessions take an incredible amount of prep-work, energetic effort, and cognitive expenditure from Monet. If Monet doesn't think that she'll be able to be on top of her game so that you can have a phenomenal session, she will reschedule. In the event that Monet is not able to connect to your guide (this has not happened, but just in case), we will schedule a reattempt session without an additional charge.






For repeat clients who desire a follow up to their first Violet Flame session, these mini-sessions are perfect for once you've you've practiced, integrated, and began to implement what your guide taught you in your initial session.

This is your opportunity to reconnect to your guide, ask specific questions, and dive deeper after having the chance begin utilizing the gifts that have been activated. 

  • Monet will reconnect to your team using the Violet Flame
  • May include Violet Flame clearings/healings to assist you in removing additional blockages, as needed
  • Opportunity to ask your guide¬†additional follow-up¬†questions

Note: If you have not had an initial Violet Flame Activation with Monet, please book that first. Once Monet has connected to your guide, she is familiar with their energy and is able to make the connection faster and with less cognitive effort.




2 Hours

If you've ever tried hypnosis and experienced barriers that prevented you from retrieving past life information or are uncomfortable with hypnosis for any reason, this session is for you. During the session, I will connect with your guides to bring myself into a past life of yours that your guides feel it is important for you to understand. 

  • You'll learn all about who you were, where the lifetime took place, and any significant events during it.
  • We'll discover if there¬†is a¬†trauma, karmic block, etc. that can be understood and if any holographic healing¬†can take place.
  • I'll work with the Violet Flame to find the root and clear any trauma imprints in your field.




It's been such a joyful and deeply touching experience to speak with the animal messengers who have introduced themselves to me through the Violet Flame Activations. I'm just absolutely honored to be able to be the bridge between these precious animals and their humans. Now, I have two new ways to be able to offer this service as a standalone offer that you can choose between:

  • Pet Mediumship¬†Session

This type of session allows me to connect with a pet who has already crossed the rainbow bridge. As the translator, the animal's Higher Self telepathically communicates with me to deliver any messages that they have for their human. This can also include information about their soul's journey, for example, if the pet was a galactic guide incarnated as an animal, if you've shared other lifetimes with them, etc. You'll have the opportunity to ask your pet questions as well.

  • Communication & Healing Session

This type of session is for a pet who is still on the Earth plane. It involves me connecting with the animal's Higher Self so that I can find out any information that you are seeking, such as if they are happy, to get information about the root of a behavior or health issue, and even remote healing with the Violet Flame if the animal consents and it would be beneficial. For this type of session, please bring a photo of the pet with you for the session (or they can be with you during the Zoom call!). Please note, there are no guarantees that a pet's health issue can be solved, but I will do everything I can to help increase the pet's comfort and wellbeing.





Many of Monet's clients and students have expressed their desire to work with plant medicine to assist their spiritual development but don't know where to start. Monet has experience facilitating plant medicine journeys with the intention of opening connection with higher aspects and soul fractals and awakening the cosmic self.

If this is something that you're considering for yourself, or you've used plant medicine recreationally but would like guidance on how to use it intentionally as spiritual technology, this consultation will be helpful for you and include the following:

  • Information about the legality of different forms of plant medicine
  • Which plants may benefit you at this time and how to procure them (when legal to do so in your place of residence, depending on the plant of choice)
  • Personalized recommendations based on where you are at in your spiritual development, what outcomes you are seeking, your comfort level, and the level of support you are desiring (self-led vs guided)
  • Additional guidance is available should you desire to work with your chosen medicine(s)

Disclaimer: This consultation is for educational purposes only. Monet is in no way encouraging the use of illegal substances, nor does she condone their use or sell them. 


Allow Me to Re-introduce Myself...

If you've worked with me in the past or know me from The Starseed Awakening Podcast but haven't caught up on the final episodes, you may have missed a chapter! 

Remember my future incarnation who introduced herself to me years ago? Well, her name is See Mah, and she's a purple etheric Mantis. I'm finally quite well acquainted with her, as she has facilitated this current phase of my evolution (much to my shock and awe).

She led me to learn that I am not just a starseed, but a Mantis hybrid (that's a story for another day). She introduced me to the council who has been sending so many of you to me, and has been helping me activate and access my hybrid gifts and memories, after turning off the holographic implant that had been suppressing them my whole life.

Now, my path has shifted as I learn to work with the extradimensional consciousness that has been awakened within me, absorbing as much as I can from my team, who serve as my mentors in this strange new world that I've found myself in.

It's not always easy being a hybrid - that's for sure - but I wouldn't have it any other way and am so grateful to have finally come to understand why I have always been so very different.

Life has gotten easier. I'd suffered from chronic pain my whole life due to a previously unknown traumatic contact experience. After decades of trying different modalities that work with soley the physical body, only providing temporary relief and unable to reach the trauma imprint in my holographic field, I am finally pain-free. Thanks to the principles of holographic healing that my guides have taught me using the Violet Flame, I was finally able to address the root cause and clear it for good.

Now, I am finally whole and happy for the first time in my life, as I finally get to fulfill my purpose as an extradimensional channel and holographic healer. It is the honor and joy of my life to be able to channel your guides, learning from them vicariously and getting to experience the awe of being in their higher dimensional presence.

Monet's Cosmic Team

You're in good hands. Meet Monet's galactic, extradimensional, and ancestral guides who participate, either actively or passively, during the  Violet Flame Activations. 

Assisted by these ancient beings, Monet telepathically translates your guides' wisdom, activating any dormant codes and teaching you to use the very specific gifts you incarnated with from your own soul fractals and ancestors.

Note: Any guides described as "soul fractals" are other incarnations of Monet that exist in higher realms and other time streams. The terms "past, present, future" are used to help make the timeline easier to understand, though keep in mind that time is not linear.

Lyran Soul Fractal

Past Time Stream

Monet's past incarnation who she channeled first, awakening her galactic self, this ancient Lyran helped establish the Galactic Federation of Light after attempting to halt the Draconian attack on Lyra, long ago.

Lyran Soul Fractal

Present Time Stream

AKA Bastet to the ancient Egyptians, where she served as the High Priestess of of the Violet Flame, Monet's Lyran self has served as spiritual consort to the GFL and established the energetics of the Earth grid during the time of Atlantis.

Mantis Soul Fractal

Future Time Stream

A 9D etheric purple Mantis hailing from a galaxy far away, this future aspect of Monet is as silly as she is powerful. A master of holographic healing, See Mah is always on the line, assisting Monet telepathically. She is part of a Mantis collective who assists Monet creatively as well.

Dragon Soul Fractal

Parallel Time Stream

A holographic dragon that exists outside of space and time, this ancient aspect of Monet serves as a guide and protector whenever she accesses the cosmos within. Her dragon self uses the Violet Flame to assist and hold safe space in whichever realm Monet is working in.

Paternal Ancestor

Past Time Stream

Hailing from the Yaqui people of Sonora, Mexico, this medicine woman of Lyran galactic descent worked with the spiritual technology of plant medicine, dragons, and crystals to access expanded states of consciousness.

Maternal Ancestor

Past Time Stream

Not much is known yet about this celtic anscestor, other than she was a powerful witch and shaman to her people. Monet is excited to get more aquainted with her to find out what gifts she left for Monet in the maternal bloodline.

Extradimensional Council

Parallel Time Stream

The beings behind the scenes, this etheric council has been working with Monet long before she was born, orchestrating it all behind the scenes. Made up of Mantises and other ancient beings, this is the council that See Mah serves on who happens to be responsible for sending many of you to Monet to awaken your star selves.

What Might Come Through?

These case studies from actual clients and students help make the unimaginable imaginable, bringing to life with words what happens during Violet Flame Activations and how these sessions have impacted their lives.

Ty R.

Monet channeled a Sirian Shaman named Freyporallos. He joined my team to help mentor me on my current spirit path. It was unbelievable the amount of information Monet was able to channel. For over an hour, Monet was able to communicate with my guide and deliver what eventually became my current curriculum for my spiritual path.

The amount of knowledge I received would have taken me months, if not years, to acquire on my own. This Shaman gave me information on tools I needed to gather like crystals, drums, feathers, and tips on how to make my home a more sacred space. He told us about how connected I am to Earth's energy and if I choose, how I could be leading group circles and Shaman journeys one day. Helping others to find their own healing abilities. The biggest take away though is learning about how many spirits I have on my team. We found out that many animal spirits were on my team waiting to say hi and to help me and others. I just need to invite them in and spend time with each one of them to learn about their gifts. Up to this point, I was only communicating with the spirit of Wolf, Vulture, and Deer.

Having this session with Monet validated all of my experiences up to this point. Any doubts about whether my experiences were real or just me having a great imagination are now gone. Now every week I am getting introduced to new spirit animals. I am developing my relationship with them. Learning about their gifts, how they like to communicate through spirit and in real life, and developing a vocabulary of what it means when they show up or when they deliver a symbol or message. My session with Monet gave me insight into how to tap into that communication and understand how that communication is being delivered. These spirit animals are guiding me through my spirit path giving me insights of what I need to work on or what I need to let go of. The amount of love and support coming through is amazing. Also, they are starting to teach me how to safely navigate the Underworld.

Most other readings are usually just validation of what I have already experienced. That those experiences are real spiritual experiences. This session however gave me clear insight into how to develop my skills of communication and how I can actually start helping the Earth. If you found Monet's page and feel guided to book a session with her, don't question it. Sign up and open your heart to receive.

Ashley P.

An angelic guide by the name of Araganon (or something like that - he showed Monet his name as symbol which she was able to draw) came forward during the session. He taught us how to cut energetic cords using angelic light as well as how to weave angelic light for healing and to weave angelic light codes!

This helped IMMENSELY with my spiritual development by learning how to retain and refill my personal energy as well as how to use angelic light to heal myself and others - which I didn't even know was a thing! He taught us how to use angelic light versus other energetic light for "energetic hygiene" as well as how to use angelic energy to heal other and possibly to utilize it in my healing business in the future.

When my guide stepped forward and showed Monet what to do, she taught me how to do it as well and, in doing so, really activated this gift as well as my awareness of the gift, the feeling of it, the energy that coincides with it and how to hone it!

This reading was so much different than any other readings I've received before because my guides had a "direct line" to telling me what I needed to know in this moment and what is in my highest good. Other readings I've had in the past were very generalized readings, very "cryptic" and left me with more questions than answers. In this reading, I got ALL the answers, instructions, direction AND THEN SOME!

This was a once in a lifetime experience and Monet is THE BEST person to receive any reading from. She is so friendly, down-to-earth, and relatable! She truly makes the experience one of a kind and creates the most safe, trustful, wonderful and loving space!


Monet channeled a guide of mine who was Diana/Selene/Artemis, the Moon Goddess. I was able to learn how to use my healing gifts working with lunar energy. I have always had too much/too little energy in my hands/feet-as long as I can remember. She was able to tap into my moon goddess energy and help make sense of it! If nothing else would've come through, I would've been happy with just that critical piece of information! She was also able to tap into my own energy grid and help heal my sacral chakra with violet flame energy.

She was shown how I used to be a healer in Egypt/Atlantis and how I used the lunar energy through my hands to heal others. She showed me how to use the violet flame energy to heal blockages in the energy field of others. 

I've had multiple psychic/medium reads and several quantum hypnosis sessions. This was a beautiful blend of sporadic information that has come through in a lot of these other readings, and I have never had a session like the one I had with Monet! 

I also connected to an Essessani daughter that I have on another planet!

Jess T.

Monet channeled my childhood dog, Kenai, and a younger (12ish) version of me. I learned that this dog is a loving guide and guardian of mine. Also - about the need (and ability) to heal a younger version of myself.

Wow, the love I felt from my guide, Kenai, was palatable. I was crying during the session. I feel like I have never felt loved and cared for like that before. It helped me re-visit a traumatic time period in my life and look at it from a different perspective - one of caring, compassion and acceptance for my younger self. In the last 2 weeks - I feel like I have been releasing all sorts of emotional baggage and trauma I have been holding onto for years, decades (probably centuries!). I feel much lighter, and more hopeful.

I was surprised, and honestly a little disappointed at the advice that came though. I was hoping for a magical otherworldly reading‚Ķ but I realized the guidance that came through was exactly what I need now to begin to full be present in my body and my life on earth NOW. I chose this life for a reason, but because of trauma and pain, I have been resisting really being ‚Äúhere.‚ÄĚ This reading opened up a door for me to begin to feel emotions, sensations in my body. And to begin to confront the huge amount of fear I have.

I’m hoping that this shadow work will begin to clear out stored trauma and leave me more open and light, so that my true gifts and purpose will be able to come on-line.

I can’t explain it - but I feel really comfortable with Monet. She has a really good way of connecting, and I feel comfortable with her even when discussing really heavy, personal subjects. I also appreciate her comfort with emotions. I felt really comfortable crying and I feel like that helped me be present and establish a true connection with my guides and the information coming through.

Inês M.

Monet channeled mainly Seri, my parallel self from Canopus. There was also a green Dragon and a a gnome! Some others were there too, I believe. I learned from them how to use my unique gift of channeling to create artwork of these starbeings and multi-dimensional beings, opening portals for them to come through and then painting them to eventually create an oracle deck. Both with the characters and then their worlds as well.

Knowing I get to tap into these gifts anytime, trusting they exist and are real, receiving validation from what I had already been working on, and that it is valuable for other people and in service to them and the world. I know what to do next and it's just about doing it.

Monet channeled a green, quirky Dragon. This Dragon wanted to show me and Monet how I could use my unique abilities to channel these beings into artworks, so that other people could then see and connect with them too. Seri then jumped in as well, to help explain it.

It was a clear process for me to use and implement whenever I'm ready to channel art, and works for writing as well, and so that helps a lot with harnessing that gift and energy to create in a way that is energizing and revitalizing for me.

The messages landed and made total sense with what I'd already been working on, things Monet didn't yet know, and the guidance was very specific in some aspects and I could almost see what she was telling me, in my own way. I felt I was together with Monet energetically in a "beyond" space, and it was all geared towards helping me. I felt very centered in the reading, seen, and protected. I also felt everything was for the greater good and benefited so many other people beyond just me, and that was motivating as well.