Quantum Hypnosis Certification -

Become a Quantum Healer

Why I Created This Program

As soon as I learned how to practice quantum hypnosis, I took it and ran with it, combining my backgrounds with Hypnobirthing, Beyond Quantum Healing, and Coaching, to create a modality that has taken on a life of its own. What it has evolved into, which has been used on hundreds of people, has become a modality that not only can be used as a tool for past life regressions, but is actually a collaboration with each unique person's Higher Self, creating a totally unique healing blueprint for each client.

This isn't just hypnosis - this is energy work. 

And this method will change the trajectory of yours and your clients' lives, forever.

What You'll Learn

You will be completely supported in learning how to use this powerful technique to go into the subconscious to retrieve any wisdom that your clients are seeking, creating transformations that go beyond the conscious mind, breaking down walls and limits that the surface-level modalities cannot reach.

Holding Space for Transformations

Through hands-on practice and feedback, you will get confident leading hypnosis sessions, finding your unique healing style, and holding space for your clients.

Facilitating Brainwave States

This is where science meets spirituality. You'll learn evidence-based techniques to help your clients achieve and maintain the theta brainwave state.

Healing the Body, Mind, & Soul

You will be confident knowing what can be healed and what may require another approach or modality, so that, no matter what you encounter, you're ready.

Higher Selves & Entities

Learn how to call forth and communicate with the beings that wish to express themselves through your clients, learning how to recognize ET frequencies and civlizations.

Types of Clients & Troubleshooting

Each client and scenario is totally unique. From challenging clients to attached entities to unconventional sessions, you'll be prepared for what you may encounter during a session.

Integration & Processing

This topic has been left out and overlooked in quantum hypnosis trainings, until now. Learn about the most important factor that impacts your clients' healing: how your client processes the session.

Healer, Heal Thyself

Unusual things happen when you do your own deep subconscious work. Through this program, you get to go on your own investigation of star lineage, soul purpose, and deep healing through practice with your peers in the group. 

With peer support with practicum, you will get to have as many of your own sessions as you like. Watch as new abilities come online, channels open, and you discover your own soul’s journey and purpose for incarnating.

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Payment options: 6 monthly payments of $379/month, 4 payments of $555, 2 payments of $1111, one payment of $2222, or low monthly payments via financing thru Coach Financing, a 3rd party lender.

  • 2 weekend intensives, live over Zoom
  • Peer support within a dedicated group
  • Personalized feedback on practice sessions
  • Instant access to Business Alchemy support calls, for lifetime business support
  • Scripts, meditations, and protocols for leading different types of sessions
  • Opportunity to be listed on a dedicated directory (by invite only)
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Questions & Answers

Make a real impact on the collective.

I knew that it was my soul's purpose to teach this modality to others because we need all hands on deck, on this planet.

This is your chance to make a tangible impact on others through helping the humans get access to the wisdom of their souls. Everytime you awaken another person, you help shift the consciousness of this planet. 

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