The Starseed Awakening Podcast 

The Journey That Started It All

Monet started the podcast knowing that it was her mission to share the epic stories from other worlds and pieces of galactic history that came through in her clients' hypnosis sessions. Well, in case you missed it, the adventure is complete, having come full circle.

With so many of the prophecies and predictions that the entities' whom her clients channeled in their sessions having come true, Monet finally learned who has been sending so many starseeds to her over the years (hint: it was a coordinated effort), put the final pieces together from Atlantis/Lemuria/Egypt, and awakened her dormant extradimensional abilities that had been suppressed her whole life...up until now.

You have to hear it to believe it. See what Monet is up to now (warning - spoilers ahead)

Enter the Realm of the Violet Flame
The Starseed Awakening Podcast

If you've arrived here, you're being led to explore your soul's galactic lineage...

and it might feel a little bit overwhelming, confusing, or ungrounding. There's a lot of information out there about what it means to be a starseed, but it can be hard to find credible sources and sort through all of the conspiracy theories that are constantly being thrown around. That's why I started this podcast - to shed light on the journeys of real starseeds who are recovering their memories from other lifetimes off of Earth and learning who they truly are under the surface - in a down-to-earth (pun intended) way.

Tune in to listen to quantum hypnosis sessions from my own practice and heartfelt discussions about metaphysical topics. No fear-talk here - this is a safe landing place for those who are called to explore their soul's origins.


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The Starseed Awakening Podcast

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The Podcast May Be Over...

But it still stands as a catalyst to awaken starseeds all over the world to their galactic selves.

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