110. Coming Full Circle - What Markara was doing in Egypt

In this episode, it's finally time to understand the question that I've been dying to know the answer to for so long...what was Markara (my parallel Lyran incarnation) up to in Egypt?? Well now we have the answer, and then some. 

I'm so thrilled to share this session with you all. We get to finally understand why so many of you have had lifetimes in Egypt as priestesses, in the Black League in Orion as the resistance against the oppressive empire, and in Atlantis as star people during its devolvement. We get to understand what "the first starseed" (from so many previous Atlantis sessions) has to do with it all. We learn how the energetic modality that I'm learning from my future mantis incarnation can be used for quantum/holographic healing, as well as how it was used in civilizations past, specifically in Egypt.

We get to understand how to rebel against the suppression of the Divine Feminine. And most importantly, we get to learn how we can come full circle as starseeds on Earth right now to take the power back from those who are committed to stopping the people of Earth from evolving, thus helping to complete the Atlantean karmic cycle on this planet. 

It's time to awaken our dormant magical gifts that we incarnated with from other lifetimes and use them for the good of all.

Huge shoutout to my assistant, Lisa, for leading me through this quantum hypnosis session. To book a session with her, click here.

And lastly, I've been advised by The Elders (the mantis council who has been guiding me and so many of you all) to create a new instagram account for those who have the intention of coming along with me on this new and exciting journey we are embarking on. Follow me at @iamextradimensional