Lisa Haroldson

Quantum Healer

Hello beautiful soul!

As a Quantum Hypnosis and Energy Healer, I love working with these methods as I believe that energy and the subconscious create 90% of our reality. Therefore, working here is the most effective way to create a reality that truly lights up your soul.

Throughout my own journey, I have always been interested in alternative healing methods, and eventually discovered the more metaphysical methods which truly helped me the most. They helped to illuminate my inner truth that was hiding below the subconscious beliefs and behaviours, and to discover where my heart truly lies. On my path, I also obtained a Degree in Behavioural Neuroscience, where I learned about the fascinations of the brain and psychology that I weave into my daily life and personal work.

Through this work on myself I have been able to release beliefs, behaviors, energy and ways of being that never belonged to me. With this shedding, I was able to uncover and illuminate my true soul. To come back to ME and discover my IDENTITY. Who I AM, not influenced by external opinions or conditioned beliefs. And with that I am so happy that I can now bring this work to help others do the same.

So… if you feel so called, let’s work together to bring you back to your truth, help illuminate your soul and create your shining reality. I can’t wait!


  • Quantum Hypnosis Certification
  • Certified Practitioner of Geo Love Healing
  • BSc. Neuroscience


Services Offered:

All services are virtual over zoom

  • Initial Hypnosis ($188 CAD)
    • Includes a 30 minute consultation (to discover the area of focus and intention) and 2.5 hour hypnosis session
    • Post-hypnosis Processing & Integration Session available as needed (booked separately)
  • Repeat hypnosis session ($155 CAD)
  • Energy Healing ($55 CAD)
    • 60 minutes
    • To clear, balance and restore energy  in the chakras


How to Book with me:

Click the link below to visit my website and book your preferred session.

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 Email: [email protected]


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