Support for every stage of your starseed journey

Digital Courses - Coming February 2024 

Starseed 101

So You Think You’re a Starseed?

New to the idea of starseeds and feeling overwhelmed with all the info online? In this info-packed mini-course I break it all down in an easy-to understand, down-to-earth (pun intended) way, based on the info gathered from hundreds of hypnosis sessions I've conducted with other starseeds.

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The Stars Within

A Guide to Using Theta Meditation & Self-Hypnosis to Connect with the Cosmos

In this beginner-friendly course, you will learn the tools to shift brainwave states and connect with your cosmic guides and star family, and home planet from prior to your Earth incarnation(s).

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Shadow School

Self-Healing for Starseeds Through Shadow Work

An absolute must for starseeds on the healing path or connecting regularly to star realms, this course teaches you how to uncover, heal, and rise above your shadows to become your Highest Self.

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Beyond the Veil

How to Meet Your ET Selves with the Magic of Mushrooms

In this cutting edge and advanced course, you will learn how to safely use psilocybin as sacred medicine to open connections with past, parallel, and future incarnations of yourself. Please note that Shadow School is a prerequisite for this course.

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Quantum Hypnosis Certification

Become a Certified Quantum Healer 

Ready to learn how to awaken yourself and others to make a real impact on the collective with hypnosis? Learn the art of theta hypnosis in this science-meets-spirituality certification program with interactive elements. Please note that Shadow School is a prerequisite for this course.

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Business Alchemy for Starseeds 2.0

Mentorship for Spiritual Online Entrepreneurs

Support and community is a click away. In my newly revamped business course, I gently guide you through the deep inner work that is required for those who wish to share their healing gifts with the world through online entrepreneurship 

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