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Join Monet and her cosmic team as they go on another epic journey - this time to places farther and deeper than ever before. 

EXTRADIMENSIONAL, the follow-up to The Starseed Awakening Podcast, promises to take you on another wild ride, this time with a much deeper dive into the advanced holographic healing techniques that Monet's guides have begun teaching her, 




I did not choose to move on from The Starseed Awakener...I was shot out like a cannon and thrust into a new reality that I never could have wrapped my mind around until I found myself in the midst of a strange and beautiful new world, though everything around me was exactly the same.

I was seeing the world through extradimensional consciousness, and boy did things look different.

I immediately understood that my offerings needed to evolve with me, as my channel was blown wide open and Markara, See Mah, and The Council of Elders began to teach me advanced healing techniques.

I created EXTRADIMENSIONAL to pass on the wisdom that I've been channeling about how healing does not just involve the body - but also ALL the levels of the soul. That's what holographic healing is all about. 

- xoxo Monet & her Cosmic Team


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If you haven't caught up on the final episodes of The Starseed Awakening Podcast, it's highly recommended that you do so before or along with subscribing to EXTRADIMENSIONAL! You may be quite lost during the advanced healing discussions if you missed the last chapter of the old podcast as A LOT happened.