About Monet

An old soul in a little body

Like so many of you who I've worked with, I grew up believing there was something deeply flawed about me. I was sensitive...like really sensitive. I felt everything so deeply - including others' emotions and the pain of the world. It was mind-boggling to me that humans could be so cruel to one another and to Mother Earth. I would spend every day at my little meditation altar, praying for "universal peace" and feeling as if the weight of the world was quite literally on my shoulders. It felt so unfair that there was nothing that one little girl could do about all the injustices on our planet. I was terrified of an impending alien invasion and was constantly scanning the skies for crafts. I spent my free time alone, watching documentaries about Atlantis, Area 51, and Roswell. 

I always knew I was different, but why?

I struggled a lot in school, all the way from grade school to college. Things that were easy for others were a major challenge for me, such as math and getting homework assignments turned in on time. I was labeled "gifted and talented" but couldn't understand why. I also struggled to keep up with peers physically, as I had an undiagnosed rare disease (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) which left me with a physical deficit. I felt strange in my own body and didn't understand why I wasn't born with certain spiritual abilities. Music was my solace and the only time when I felt like I could be myself was on the stage. I felt more connected to animals (particularly cats) and the ocean than other humans.

Mission: Self-Destruction

As I got older, I learned to numb all the pain I felt with food, alcohol, and other people. I didn't want to feel anymore. I shut down my spiritual side and disconnected, unable to bear the weight of my sensitivity any longer. I was on the path to become a professional opera singer, but I didn't even want that anymore. I partied so that I didn't have to feel the immense loneliness in my heart. I was the life of the party, but inside I was suffering from feeling so incredibly disconnected from nearly everyone around me, unsure of what to even do with my life.

Laying the groundwork

I ended up getting a job at a tech start-up (through divine intervention) and for the first time in my life, I realized that I was actually smart in the non-traditional ways that aren't valued in our society. I wasn't meant to be a cog in the machine. My mind could see things in ways that others could not. My intuition was my superpower. I knew that I wanted to have my own business one day and ended up working for small biotech company, soaking up everything I could about business. After I had my first child, I started my first business as a birth doula. I found it to be sacred work and the babies who I helped birth taught me so much. This was my first introduction to hypnosis, as my doula mentor was a skilled hypnotist who incorporated hypnosis principles into labor. When the pandemic hit, I certified as a life coach as doulas were banned from the hospitals, and the next chapter truly began. I finally had the tools to begin my own process of shadow work and self-love. I began to see that, maybe I wasn't broken after all.

Galactic Activation

I enjoyed my life coaching practice, but felt lost. The tools that I learned were great, but I knew that deep down, I wasn't quite where I was meant to be. When the words "you're a healer" popped into my brain, it was as if I was struck by lightning. It all made sense. I knew there was another modality I was supposed to learn, and that it would find me soon. No more than two weeks later, I became certified as a Quantum Healer, as I threw myself into Dolores Cannon's work. That's when I first learned the term, "starseed." I decided to have my own past life regression, as I'd never experienced one, and what happened changed the trajectory of my life and broke me open in ways that I could not have fathomed. I ended up channeling a past Lyran incarnation of myself who was a galactic diplomat, who tried to prevent the destruction of Lyra by the Draconians, and who formed the early Galactic Federation. He led me to discover my mission of uniting the starseeds by helping them uncover their true galactic selves.

Continuing the work

Now, I have dedicated my life to helping the starseeds discover who they are and integrate their star-self with their human-self, so that we can make a greater impact on the collective consciousness evolution currently taking place on this planet. I am committed to uncovering the bits of galactic history that remain a mystery and finding the truth behind major galactic events, thus far untold. I'm currently working on my first book which uncovers the events leading up to the destruction of Atlantis through hypnosis sessions, and I hope to continue the work that Dolores Cannon started toward the latter part of her life of investigative hypnosis. I hope to show the world that aliens are not so different from us and shift the public's perspective about star people from fear to curiosity through sharing my clients' stories. We're all citizens of the galaxy, after all.

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