Starseed, Recover Your Memories from Other Planets with Quantum Hypnosis

You have been on a journey of spiritual awakening, and somewhere along the way, the term “starseed” came up for you. Maybe you’ve had some unusual dreams or you keep getting pointed toward a specific galactic civilization and you have more than a hunch that this is important for you to pursue.

My guess is that you’re highly intuitive, and there are some pieces of your life’s puzzle that you’ve been trying to figure out. 

Is this you?

You’ve never quite felt at home here.

You’re empathic, intuitive, and have some unusual psychic abilities.

You know you’re here to do something and be of service to humanity, but you’re not exactly sure how.

You’ve always felt “different” from your peers, family, and friends.

There have been way too many things that feel like “coincidences” in your life to explain away.

You’ve endured a lot in this lifetime - you’ve done a lot of healing and soul growth along the way.

You’re trying to string everything together to make sense of it all.

You have a feeling (which you can’t rationally explain) that your soul is not from here.

You feel homesick or sad when you think too much about the stars or the universe.

You have an unmistakable inner feeling of responsibility for the fate of this planet and all the creatures in it.

You are not losing touch with reality - you are expanding your identity

First of all, I want you to know that you’re not losing your mind. I know how destabilizing it can feel when you start to question whether or not you’re from this planet.

I want to tell you something that I wish someone had told me when I was going through my own starseed awakening:

You are NOT defective.

You are NOT going crazy.

You are NOT broken.

You ARE here for something massive.

You ARE different - in the best ways possible. 

There ARE real reasons why you’ve struggled in this lifetime.

Most importantly - you are cosmically supported and loved, and you’ve reached a soft landing place to explore your soul’s journey.

It's time to remember who you are...

with INNERgalactic

This is the one-on-one virtual quantum healing program that combines quantum hypnosis and mentorship to help you uncover your galactic heritage and your soul’s unique blueprint in this lifetime and beyond.

The work that we do together allows you to not only learn about your past lives as a star being, but to experience and interact with them. So unlike an Akashic Records reader who tells you about your past lives, with quantum hypnosis, you are immersed in them. If you have experience reading Dolores Cannon's work, the sessions we do together are very similar. All sessions are virtual, as energy work is not bound by space or time.

During sessions, I am connecting with my cosmic team and your cosmic team. We set an intention to help your guides and Higher Self pull the "file" of the lifetime that you are being led to see. I lead you through the session to uncover whatever you are supposed to being learning right now about your soul's path and your purpose here on this planet, in this lifetime. We also dive into any issues that you are running into in your Earth life and find reason and significance (this may include questions about your health, your family and their star origins, your life path, etc.). Your guides and Higher Self have the answers to any wisdom you seek.

Sometimes what comes up is very heavy and emotional (such as the destruction of a planet, loss, war). My job is to hold space for whatever it is that comes up and to support you completely through the process.

First thing's first, if you have not yet listened to my podcast, please do so. By listening to the hypnosis sessions on there, you will learn a lot about how this works (and you may even have some memories pop up from other lifetimes).


Single Virtual Hypnosis Session

A single session is perfect for someone who wants to dip their toes in and uncover a single lifetime from another planet before incarnating on Earth. 

This session includes:

  • 60-minute consultation to help you prepare for the session and decide what information you wish to uncover
  • 2-hour virtual quantum hypnosis session in which we explore a life off of planet Earth
  • 60-minute debriefing session to help you process and integrate the information you learned in your session

 Investment: $555


Three Month Package

This option is for those who don’t just want a quick glimpse into a past life or two - they want context, guidance, and an unhurried chance to really see the whole iceberg and heal in this lifetime. You also:

  • Get unlimited hypnosis sessions during the three months we work together
  • Receive support in between sessions
  • Receive complimentary membership to Business Alchemy (for those who are business owners, coaches, and healers)
  • Will be able to get a clear picture your soul’s purpose in this lifetime, your journey through other lifetimes, and what the future will hold for you both here on earth and off of earth
  • Will be able to establish a connection with your cosmic team and learn how to call them in after we are no longer working together
  • Will know who your soul family is here on Earth and learn what their journeys have been
  • Will partake in deep emotional and physical healing 
  • Will have the ability to learn not only your unique gifts in this lifetime, but how to use them
  • Can learn to channel information from other entities who wish to speak through you

Investment: $3333

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What This Work IS and What it is NOT:

In these sessions, I’m not the one in charge - your Higher Self and your cosmic team is. So I don’t get to control what you get shown during a session. I certainly influence it, but I’m just the liaison here. There are always other entities who are showing you whatever you need to be shown at this time, for your highest good.

This is complete and total immersion in the lifetimes that you have lived and will live, the guides who are working with you, and the reason you chose to volunteer here. You’re not just seeing what happens or getting information, you’re experiencing it in real-time, including all of the emotions that come along with the memories. This is why I do not do single sessions. There is much care that goes into making sure you have a positive experience and don’t feel like you’ve been dropped in the middle of the ocean without a compass.

 This isn't your mama's hypnosis.

If you’ve dabbled in hypnosis, my guess is that it’s been clinical or therapeutic hypnosis. Or possibly you’ve done a past life regression and found out a little bit of information about a lifetime on Earth. 

The type of hypnosis that I use is VERY different. It’s not just hypnosis - it’s energy work. 

While typical hypnosis utilizes the alpha brainwave state, I use my own proprietary hypnosis technique to take you into the theta state. This is the brainwave state that you naturally are in before falling asleep and upon waking up (it’s no coincidence that this is the state when many people who are being contacted receive messages from their guides).

The theta state is the common ground for your guides and cosmic family in both the astral realm and in physicality to contact you. You’re reaching up into this state as they are reaching down to meet you in this in-between zone and show you what you need to see. This is also the state where your Higher Self is easily accessed (who is working in conjunction with your cosmic team). This is why, when we dive in, you can easily access information that your conscious mind doesn’t typically have access to (in the normal beta brainwave state). 

So just because you’ve done hypnosis and it hasn’t worked for you doesn’t mean that this technique will not. There are so many other players helping, such as your cosmic team, your Higher Self, and my cosmic team. I’m also getting feedback in realtime from your guides as to what to ask and what avenues to pursue.

Still not sure if you're a starseed?

Book an Intuitive Galactic Reading with me to get a peek of what will come through in your hypnosis sessions. With our combined cosmic teams, we will dive into your soul's galactic past, present, and future, with the help of the Galactic Heritage Cards. If we decide you're a great candidate for hypnosis, you can apply the cost of the reading toward one of my hypnosis packages.

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What my clients are saying...

Lisa K.

I had a sudden spiritual awakening a few years ago and have since been on a path to finding my soul's purpose. Most recently, I've found my calling as a life coach, and it was during this coursework that I began to ask the universe where my soul was from. Simultaneously, I was in a struggle at times to move through some deeply stuck emotions of anger, grief, and despair. This was blocking my ability to fully step into my role as a spiritual life coach.

After just two hypnosis sessions with Monet, I was able to release and understand the emotions stuck inside as it related to a past life and the destruction of my home. I was able to link that how I feel in this current lifetime feels very much like my prior lifetime and it was only through hypnosis that I was able to reassure my subconscious that I was not experiencing the same trauma right now. Just because it feels like a similar situation does not mean I need to relive the emotions. This, in turn, freed up space in my body and created a forward energetic momentum that I had been missing prior to the sessions with Monet.

I felt very safe with Monet. Safe to explore anything that came to mind during hypnosis and also felt reassured by her along the way. It was easier to trust what was coming to me during the sessions with Monet's guidance.

I discovered that I needed to let go of trauma experienced during the destruction of Lemuria and also remembered that I was from Pleiades, which is where I returned after the destruction. I've since lived many lives on planet earth.

The hypnosis sessions surprisingly provided me with an inner healing that just continued to strengthen as the time went on after each session. It was also very cool that in the few days after each session I would get downloads of "knowings" regarding my past lives and how it related to fears I carried into this life. The best part was the inherent energy clearing that transpired inside me after each session.

Désirée F.

I’d had a lot of struggles in my life, a lot of pain, from my childhood all the way through adulthood. I could see some of the ways the pain had served me and also helped me serve others but it just felt like there had to be more to it than that. It still wasn’t making sense. I wanted to know if there was a deeper, more meaningful reason for all of it. If there was, I wanted to make sure I had the opportunity to learn, grow, and heal in every way possible so I hadn’t suffered through so much for nothing. Now I can appreciate all of my experiences and release the hold they had on me. I know that the suffering isn’t a part of me and it wasn’t meant to be a permanent part of my life. They were simply experiences I was meant to have so I could experience them but I don’t need to keep carrying the suffering throughout the rest of my life. I love knowing that those experiences had a purpose and I can now value and appreciate those experiences without feeling the weight and negativity from them.

I felt so safe and taken care of as Monet was gently and lovingly guiding me through the hypnosis. She has such a kind, protective energy that helped me to feel safe to explore deeper and deeper. I was able to connect with my star lineage on Pleiades. That has opened my mind to so many more possibilities and has expanded my sense of the multiverse and all that’s out there and available to us. I feel like I’m even more connected, on many levels, to everything that exists. Now I finally have a sense of acceptance and peace that soothed parts of me that had been hurting.

Lilly V.

A few weeks ago the term "starseed" came up for me. I didn't know anything about it, until I discovered Monet's podcast. So many things got triggered. I always felt different than my peers, I didn't understand my purpose in life and I couldn't figure out my I was designed the way I am. This was reflected in my work, my business and my relationship. I had felt this way since kindergarten. I felt misunderstood or like I misunderstood the world and the people on it.

After the session with Monet it all made sense. I can embrace the way I am, the way I feel and I actually remember why I feel this way. I was shown a memory from Sirius and I still feel like this person, my past self. This is so comforting. I also understand why I have such a strong connection to Earth but also why I am or feel different than most humans. I can see why I made certain choices in this life and I now know that this is okay and exactly as it is l supposed to be. I love this, it is so comforting! I can now make choices knowing I am on the right track, without questioning my every move. I am really grateful for this experience

Monet is a really good guide. She is very skilled and I felt completely taken care for. It was a lovely experience.

I connected with my people from Sirius B and with the people from an ancient civilization on Earth (Sumer). I felt at home in this past life's body. I still feel like this person and that makes me feel confident and strong. I loved to find out I still have some characteristics from my Sirian self in this life. This feels like magic to me, even though I actually knew this all my life.

It was amazing to connect with this ancient civilization on earth and to discover they loved me or worshipped me so much they made a huge painting of me in their city!

Genique B.

I’ve always felt like I had connections outside of earth but also that earth feels GOOD for me. I’m always one to say that if I have to keep reincarnating here, I am here for it. Yet even though earth feels like home, I felt ties somewhere else and I never really understood that.

I felt safe and that was the most important thing for me because we journeyed to memories that felt very scary. Monet held such beautiful space for me to stay in the moment and keep going into some very intense memories. I felt very supported. I connected with Orion the most. The memories were very vivid. I think the craziest part for me was being able to dive more into Orion with Monet after uncovering the memories and seeing how spot on everything was in terms of describing those who came from Orion and then earth. Going through this process helped me ground deeper into my knowing.

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