Mintaka's Lost Civilization: Crystal Technology and Ancient Wisdom

Jun 26, 2024
Mintakan starseed

Journey with me back in time to the star system of Mintaka, located within the Orion territory, where an advanced civilization once harnessed the power of crystals. Through a recent Violet Flame channeling session, I connected with a my client's past Mintakan incarnation who revealed astonishing details about this lost alien world.

 The Mintakan Crystal Engineer

During a session with a Mintakan client, I encountered a guide who introduced herself as an "engineer" from a "crystal farm." Her name, which translates to "Song" in English, offered a glimpse into a world where crystals were not just decorative, but the cornerstone of their energy infrastructure.

Advanced Crystal Technology of Mintaka 

The Mintakans had mastered the art of growing crystals for various purposes, most notably as a source of clean, renewable energy. Song demonstrated how she could manipulate these crystals, drawing light from them into vessels to illuminate homes and power their society.

This revelation aligns with what we know about Mintakan culture, but the specific details Song shared were truly mind-blowing. Their mastery of crystal technology allowed them to create a thriving, peaceful civilization within the Orion constellation.

Mintaka - A Beacon of Light Amidst the Darkness of Orion

Located within the Orion territory, Mintaka was a beacon of peaceful technological advancement. Their mastery of crystal technology allowed them to create a thriving civilization, setting them apart from other societies in the region.

The Fall of the Mintakan Civilization

Unfortunately, the Mintakans' advanced technology made them a target. The oppressive Orion Empire, recognizing the value of these crystal power sources, launched an invasion. They pillaged the planet, destroying cities and decimating the population in their quest to seize control of the crystal technology.

Bringing Mintakan Wisdom to Earth

Song didn't just share history – she offered practical knowledge. She taught us how to program ordinary quartz crystals with Mintakan codes, allowing us to bring these powerful frequencies to Earth. This knowledge opens up exciting possibilities for energy and healing work.

A Glowing Guide

One of the most captivating aspects of Song was her literal glow. She explained that constant work with the crystals had imbued her with a permanent, harmless radiance – a visual representation of the energy she worked with daily.

Connecting with Your Guides

This encounter with Song is just one example of the profound connections made during Violet Flame Sessions. Every client has unique guides waiting to share wisdom, healing, and insights from across the universe.

The story of Mintaka's crystal technology reminds us of the potential for advanced, harmonious civilizations and the importance of protecting peaceful societies. It also highlights the enduring nature of wisdom – even after the fall of their culture, Mintakan knowledge continues to reach us through channels like Song.

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