Julianne Williams

Quantum Healer, Creatrix, & Hypnotist

Are you sick of worrying about what other people think? 

Are you looking to step into your dream reality? 

You aren't going crazy, you're just waking up.

For a long time I was a fearful shell, stuck in a toxic relationship working a job I hated. Through healing and hypnosis I transformed into a butterfly, writing and performing my music, making and selling my art, starting a podcast, and my own business. Quantum Hypnosis helped me to activate the divine creatrix that was dormant inside of me, waiting to come out. I realized I could create my own reality and shift at any given moment. I met alien beings that gave me first hand proof of life beyond what we see on 3D Earth. I felt unconditional love from guides unlike anything I've ever felt from this realm. I awoke to my power, I became limitless. Fully allowing my higher self to flow into my current reality.

I now find such joy in things I used to struggle to do like cooking a new meal, planting a garden, getting up on a stage and using my voice. I now relish in every moment as a divine creation, including the low times. Life felt full of chores and now it feels like a magical meditation. I spent a lot of time healing and building self trust, allowing myself grace to be who I need to be during each stage. The darkness truly does lead to light. If you find yourself looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, you have found it! 

I want you to feel the freedom of being you. I am grateful to be a guide into your new reality. 

Take a moment to be present and thank yourself for coming this far. 

Welcome home.



  • Certified Quantum Healer, Hypnotist, & Energy Reader


Services Offered:

  1. Readings ($111)  -  My Readings create a space for spirit to give you a message through channeling and oracle card pulls, allowing your magic spark to strengthen.
  2. Intuitive Healing ($222)  -  My Intuitive Healings are a safe space curated for you, you will begin to grieve and release old programs and conditioning, allowing the light at the end of the tunnel to get brighter.
  3. Quantum Hypnosis ($333)  -  My Quantum Hypnosis Sessions give you a jumpstart on your dream reality, allowing your highest timeline to be discovered.


How we Work Together: I am a creatrix and specialize in creation. From creating your reality, music and art, to the home environment of your dreams. Everything is creation! I am also very knowledgeable in galactic lineage & cosmic dimensions. I am so excited for you to discover what ancestors or alien races lie within you. I have strength in healing and wounding by channeling my Arcturian lifetimes, my passion is helping you discover your own unique power! 

My healing philosophy is that you know you best. Your highest self & timeline already exist, I am here to help you bridge that gap through healing modalities like hypnosis. I believe in you.

If you feel like you need a hand to grab and are struggling through life, I offer Intuitive Healing to give you a safe space to heal. If you are looking to get a little guidance from the universe I offer readings to give you a glimpse into the messages from spirit. If you are ready to grab the steering wheel of your life or explore the cosmic realms in and around you, Quantum Hypnosis will give you just that. If you feel you need to connect with my energy more you can hop on apple or spotify and gain some tools through my healing podcast, Awakening with Aunt Comet. 


How to Book with me:

Click the link below to book through my website and schedule the healing modality that most aligns with you!

My availability is flexible and I will do my best to accommodate your unique schedule!


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Email: [email protected]

Website: www.auntcomet.com

Instagram: @auntcomet

Linktree: linktr.ee/auntcomet

Podcast: podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/awakeningwithauntcomet

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