Jayme Cohn

Quantum Healer

Greetings! My name is Jayme Cohn, and I am here to hold space for your healing journey. 

I’ve been a scholar of spirituality for over 20 years, beginning with comparative studies of human religion, Eastern philosophies, and sacred geometry. This led to being a student of multidimensional consciousness, the expansive and non-linear experience of the Soul, and now a facilitator of Quantum Hypnosis.

With an intuitive and empathetic nature and a thirst for spiritual knowledge, my life path as a Starseed is one of service. I am excited for you to have found a way to connect to Source and all the facets of yourself. All of the memories that contribute to who you are, and the wisdom that your Higher Self has gathered along the way are available to you. My approach to quantum healing is to learn how the fragments of your soul's experience, both on and off of Earth, contribute holistically to what you need to learn from this current incarnation. By remembering, we can understand. And, with this understanding, we can heal karma and move forward.

It is with infinite gratitude that I present myself as your guide and healer through the quantum realms as you interpret on the deepest level who you are. I look forward to facilitating a profound awareness of how you came to be the infinite creator that you are!


  • BA, Comparative Religious¬†Studies

  • Geographic and Spiritual studies in NE Tibet

  • Quantum Healer, QHC Method


Services Offered:

All sessions are facilitated via Zoom, and the link to my scheduling page can be found below. Payment accepted at time of Consultation booking. Alternate appointment times are possible and based on availability. Feel free to ask!

Single Hypnosis Session - $444 Investment

On this journey, we will meet three times along the way. First, with an intake consultation where I learn about your path, your intention for your session, and questions you have for your Higher Self. The second meeting is the hypnosis session, which lasts roughly two hours. The third meeting, we debrief, discuss, and further understand your healing process and what your session means to you. 

Month Intensive - $1111 Investment

This path is for those who know deeply that the path to healing is longer than one session. The first week, we will consult, exploring your path and where you find yourself currently. We set an intention for your first session, and take time to form questions regarding what you'd like to learn. From there, you will benefit from three weekly sessions and processing in between as your downloads marinate along your life-changing journey. 

Single sessions and month intensives can be re-upped as many times as you wish!


How to Book with me:

Visit my website here: souladventurerhealing.squarespace.com

Or click the button below to go straight to my scheduling page.

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 Email: souladventurerhealing@gmail.com

Website: souladventurerhealing.squarespace.com

Instagram: @soul.adventurer.healing

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