Inês Merino

Artist, Coach & Quantum Healer

Hi, I'm Inês. I’m an artist, coach and quantum healer who helps soul-led ambitious entrepreneurs with finding their TRUEST self yet, so they can live the lives of their dreams with purpose, one step at a time.

I work with a unique blend of coaching and quantum healing to help you find your true identity, uncover pieces of your soul you didn't know were there, develop your connection with your guides, higher self and essence, and find what you're meant to be doing in this world - so that you can move towards the life of your dreams as the real you, taking aligned action and integrating the guidance you have received.

I believe all the wisdom you need is already within you and I help you connect with that so it's available for you whenever you need it.

The unique way I work is by both activating and then integrating all this expansion of your soul into your human body and life.

For this, I offer channeled art, coaching and healing sessions to guide and support you on your journey.


  • ✦ The Shift Method by Laura Husson
  • ✦ Quantum Hypnosis Certification by Monet Combs


Services Offered:

  • ✦ Channeled Starseed Portrait ✦

         A custom painting of your star self to activate your spirit, and remember you of who you really are. Channeled by tapping into your energy & experiences, and using my galactic intuition.

         333€ ✦ Delivered to your email as a digital artwork.

         *You get a 111€ coupon you can redeem towards the Quantum Healing Session or The Magic Within program.

  • ✦ Quantum Healing Session ✦

         Includes 3 sessions: intention setting, quantum hypnosis and integration. Perfect for your first deep dive into quantum hypnosis, getting answers for your biggest questions and finding out if you’re a starseed (hint: if you’re here, you most likely are).

         555€ ✦ Experience an expanded state of consciousness.

         *Can be redeemed towards the The Magic Within program.

  • ✦ The Magic Within ✦

         My signature 3 month program with coaching and quantum healing integrated, for you to uncover the missing pieces of your soul, take actionable steps towards your dreams and fulfil your soul’s purpose — while being fully supported in your journey.

          2222€ ✦ For sustainable change and deep integration of your soul’s wisdom.


How to Book with me:

  • ✦ Get your own Channeled Starseed Portrait here: Channeled Starseed Portrait
  • ✦ Have a free call with me (no strings attached) to apply for The Magic Within or a Quantum Healing Session, click below ⬇️ 
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