Christian Joy Pinachos

Quantum Hypnotist, Body Health & Wellness Coach

In today’s society and culture, we have been inundated with messaging of …

  •  how we should look rather than LOVING ourselves as we are
  •  what health looks like rather than what health and wellness FEELS like
  •  what we have to keep doing to achieve and make things happen rather than BALANCING it with resting, being, and receiving
  •  trusting external sources rather than our bodies’ INTUITIVE WISDOM, or
  •  having unconnected sex rather than a beautiful physical CONNECTION with self or other

When it comes to matters of the body it sometimes feels like we’re missing steps or important instructions to it all…

Hi there! My name is Christian. I am an Embodiment Coach, Energy Healer, and Quantum Hypnotist. As a Starseed coming into this human life, I’ve experienced not feeling at home in my body and that everyone else had it figured out. Except everyone doesn’t. The answers are found outside of the mind and in the body. We will use conscious-subconscious approaches to heal your Relationship with your Body, a journey that is unique to each human. You will be able to leave with insights and tangible tools/skills that you can carry with you throughout your life experiences to create more balance, increased vitality, and self-love.

I am trauma-informed, trained in EFT, NLP, breathwork, guided visualization/meditation, and quantum hypnosis.


  • Quantum Hypnosis Certification with Monet
  • Coaching Evolved with Natalie MacNeil (expected Oct ’23) 
  • Integrative Energy Healing with Millana Snow (expected Oct ’23)

Services Offered:

Consultation: $44 - Find out which service fits best for you!

Private Breathwork Session: $88 - Energetic healing/release using the breath

Quantum Hypnosis: Subconscious approach to healing Conscious Behaviors/Patterns

  •  Single Sessions - $444
  •  3 Session Sets - $888
  •  2 Month Package - $2222

(Session Set Includes: 1-hr Consultation, 3-hr Quantum Hypnosis, 1-hr Processing Session)

Embodiment Coaching: $1666 - 2 months of Conscious Work paired with Somatic Coaching Tools

Body Love Evolution: $5555 - a 4 month Coaching and Quantum Hypnosis blend to address the mind-body as a holistic approach


How to Book with me:

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 Email: [email protected]


Instagram: @crispi_nachos / @artismyselfcare

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