Christian Joy Pinachos

Quantum Hypnotist, Embodiment Coach for Dreamers

Meet Christian Joy Pinachos. She is a Dreamer with a BIG HEART for others and big life aspirations, and soon-to-be-retired RN lol. She has a passion for going deep into the subconscious with others and exploring what the soul has to share. She loves to go to spaces and places with her coaching clients that block them from living their best lives and help them to dare to dream again one step at a time.

Her exploration of the energetic & physical body adds a lens, a level, and a depth of connection to each client's journey with themselves and their life path. Nobody has to be in this alone in the human journey to self-love in the now.


I am trauma-informed, trained in EFT (tapping), NLP, breathwork, guided visualization/meditation, and quantum hypnosis.


  • Quantum Hypnosis Certification with Monet
  • Trained with Coaching Evolved with Natalie MacNeil (expected Oct ’24) 
  • Trained with Integrative Energy Healing with Millana Snow (expected Oct ’24)

Services Offered:

Coaching for Dreamers: $75

Private Breathwork: $75

Quantum Hypnosis: $333 (Inquire for Packages for Multiple Sessions)

(Session Includes: 1-hr Consultation, 3-hr Quantum Hypnosis, 1-hr Processing Session)


How to Connect with me:


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 Email: [email protected]


Instagram: @crispi_nachos / @artismyselfcare


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