Hey, Star Child 

You have a heart of gold. You volunteered to come to this planet because of the deep capacity for you to love and to care for other humans, animals, and the planet. You decided that you couldn’t NOT help others as your calling in life.

You know your future clients are out there, but finding them feels hard. 

You believe in the power of what you do, but you have a hard time conveying how life-changing your work is. 

 It can be incredibly frustrating to see others struggling with what you KNOW you can help them with, and not feeling like you can reach them to make a difference.

Sometimes you wonder if you’re too sensitive to grow and scale your business at the level you’d like to.

Marketing feels icky sometimes and not in alignment with your values.

You worry that others may think you’re conceited or a fraud for promoting yourself and your business.

You have a sense that you were made for more - that you’re meant to make a major impact with your business - but sometimes it feels like, what’s the point?

You want to help others, but sometimes it feels like you can’t focus on your business because you are so focused on giving to the people around you.

You want to create an abundant income flow for yourself and your family, but you feel guilty about charging the price that you want. Sometimes you wish you could just offer your services for free.

You're a wizard who has been trying to do things like a muggle.

OF COURSE it has felt hard.

If this resonates, I want you to know that you’re not destined to give up.

 You CAN make a living doing what you know you were put on this planet to do.

You are a high-frequency being. A 4D-7D+ (inter)galactic soul. You’ve been taught to build, market, and grow your business in a 3D way. No wonder it hasn't taken off in the way you had dreamed!

Most likely, you haven't been taking your unique star lineage or soul's karmic journey into account, but that is the key to healing the underlying internal obstacles that have been subconsciously blocking you from the success you desire.

Fortunately, once you embrace your unique gifts and run your business like the energetic being you are, it doesn’t have to feel like torture. Here’s the good news: it gets to be easier and (dare I say) fun.




You'll learn how to:

  • Use your conscious and subconscious mind to intuitively build your aligned business

  • Discover the way to energetically market so that you’re attracting clients who are easy to love

  • Identify the karmic wounds that you have brought with you here on Earth and understand how they are playing out in your life and business

  • Synthesize your Earth identity with your off-planet identity to express who you really are inside in a way that draws people in
  • Have the mindset you need to be able to start, build, and grow your business in a way that feels aligned with your soul’s purpose

  • Be in flow with your marketing to sell in a way that honors your value system and actually feels good

  • Heal your relationship with money and be able to price your services in a way that feels congruent with the value that you offer

  • Put your services out into the world while still honors your highly sensitive nervous system 

And the best part? You'll finally have the business support from a coach and a community who get you.




  • Harness the horsepower of the conscious mind with the intuitive wisdom of the subconscious mind.
  • Develop a manifestation mindset
  • Unlearn the unhelpful beliefs that you have acquired along the way in this earth-plane that are creating your current business results
  • Use your thoughts to create anything you want in your business
  • The role of starseeds in the human awakening on this planet 
  • Travel the Quantum Map for divine business guidance


  • The holographic universe, karma, our soul’s path and how these play into our natural strengths and challenges in our lives and businesses
  • The major civilizations in our galactic family, what karmic themes each ones carry with us, and how to know which star lineages you identify with
  • Balance your masculine and feminine energy to have a balanced approach to your business
  • Discover your soul’s and own unique gifts for this planet by identifying your galactic heritage
  • Harness those gifts to heal the polarity in this planet and make an impact


  • Use your high frequency to attract clients you love
  • Be energetically magnetic by stepping into your full power
  • Intuitive business building for alignment and fulfillment 
  • Honoring your highly sensitive nervous system and emotional body
  • Charge your value, for the good of all
  • Unlearning masculine marketing culture to embrace feminine marketing
  • Channel your most potent content, effortlessly
  • Get over perfectionism so that you can reach the clients you love



In addition to video modules, you'll also get virtual support from real humans. Join bi-weekly business coaching calls where you can show up and get coached alongside your peers. 

Not only that, you'll get monthly interactive workshops from experts in the healing and coaching fields.

Can't make the call times? They'll always be pre-recorded and you'll have access to the replays, on-demand.

Sometimes we all need some undivided support. That's why, within the program, there will be one-on-one Business Mentoring Sessions and Quantum Hypnosis Sessions available for purchase, anytime you need one.


I created this program because it was so frustrating to see other healers and coaches who have beautiful gifts to impart on the world, but struggle to reach the clients that need them most.

So I decided to do something about it.

Learn about my business and marketing background and my own starseed awakening journey as a Quantum Healer.

About Me



You get to fulfill what you incarnated here to do: walk the path of love and light while making an impact on the collective consciousness. 

Instead of dimming your own frequency by trying to grow your business in a way that doesn’t align, you get to be all in on your impact and financial abundance.

Whether you want to have a few clients that you love to supplement your income, transition into full-time, or scale your business to reach the masses, Business Alchemy for Starseeds will help you grow.


Your soul's unique blueprint is calling you...are you ready to pick up the phone?

Business Alchemy for Starseeds


Here's what's included:

  • Life-time access
  • 25+ on-demand videos + worksheets
  • Bi-weekly Group Coaching Call (recordings available on-demand)
  • Private Community
  • Exclusive Monthly Workshops


I’ve been a part of and witnessed programs of a similar format and quality that cost upwards of $2500-$5555. But based on feedback, I wanted to make the accessible to those who are in the beginning stages of building their business AND for those who are ready for some extra 1:1 support, as needed, while not being locked into a long-term coaching contract.

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