Brennon Schembri

Quantum Healer

Hi my name's Brennon, I am a certified Quantum Hypnotist. A graduate from The Starseed Awakener QHC. 

I live in south eastern British Columbia in the Rocky Mountains in Canada. I have a strong connection with our Mother Nature and believe in all things metaphysical. I offer quantum hypnosis sessions, along with galactic card readings.

I really enjoy the exploration of past lives, galactic or earth… I find it fulfilling to help clients along their healing journey, and enjoy digging in to try and find the answers they’re looking for from their guides or higher selves.

Putting together pieces of the galactic puzzle as a whole is really exciting and fulfilling. Quantum Hypnosis has given me a new purpose in life to find and help fellow star seeds through their awakening and hold space to help them along their journey. 


  • Quantum Hypnosis Certification


Services Offered:

  • Galactic Card Readings 
  • Quantum Hypnosis Sessions


How to Book with me:

Use the booking link below to book through my website, or contact me via email or Instagram.

Book Here

Email: [email protected] 

Instagram: @thehumblegoatherder


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