Markara on why the ancients worshipped the sun 🌞

Jun 26, 2024
Lyran Starseed in ancient Egypt - Sun worshipping

In so many ancient cultures, the sun was worshipped by the people of Earth. 🌞

The image you see here of Markara is one that I viewed in one of my channeling sessions. She stood on the steps of the great pyramid, which she called “The Temple of the Sun,” overlooking the horizon, on a day that was to be a solar event.

I’ve always understood why these ancient cultures worshipped the sun, at a surface level.

Then, Markara dropped some knowledge on me…

These ancient cultures worshipped the sun for an even bigger reason - our Sun is this planet’s power source. It was what would be powering the Earth Grid that the star people had been working on!

I’d seen Markara place crystals in strategic spots around this planet, always in pyramids, with the sun shining down through the peak of each temple to shine directly onto these crystals. I had always wondered…why?

I finally understood. The grid was meant to be a power source for this planet. The Sun was the source, and with all of these crystals all over our planet connected (including the massive powerhouse - the Atlantis Crystal, as the main “generator” of the sun’s energy).

Our entire planet would have had clean energy, borrowed from the Sun. Humans would have made a giant leap in evolution. Imagine if the humans had been able to harness energy at the end of the last Ice Age to power their communities? How would that have changed the trajectory of the human race?

Unfortunately, things didn’t pan out quite like that. When the Atlantis Crystal fell into the ocean, the entire grid was overloaded in an explosive fashion, disturbing the plate tectonics, taking down the entire continent of Lemuria into the ocean with it.

Then, with a heavy heart, Markara placed her last few crystals and left, along with the rest of the star people, with the hope that one day, the grid could be revived.

I have hope that that day will come. 🌞

So let’s take this day to acknowledge the great power and potential of our life-giving Sun.

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