Beth Freeman 

Life Coach & Hypnotist

Feeling fully alive on earth is such a mix of the mystical and the mundane. I love that I can help clients discover a hugely expanded view of themselves through quantum hypnosis, and then help bring that expansion into their everyday doing of life in effective ways. 

I am also a vanlife adventurer, practicing architect, and someone still astonished at how magical life can be after rather serious and Christian beginnings.  

"I felt calm and safe" is the feedback I've gotten most often after even mind-blowing sessions. I'm also a TA for the next round of Monet's Quantum Healing Certification – you're in good hands. 

You've heard me on the podcast, ep.20 a Sirius C me - who also gets referenced in ep.55. And as myself in episode 62 with all the practitioners! 


  • Certified Life Coach from the Life Coach School
  • Integrative Life Coach and Hypnotist, Psychedelic Hypnotist
  • Optimize Heroic Coach
  • Reiki Master
  • Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Quantum Hypnosis!
  • And extensive training/experience in EFT/Tapping, Astrology, and Shamanic Practices 


Services Offered:

  1. One hour Galactic Reading ($111)
  2. One-off quantum hypnosis session ($555) - Which actually is three meetings: a consultation to get to know each other and gather your questions, a 2-hour hypnosis session, and a processing meeting after. The cost of the Galactic Reading can be applied to this package. If you want to keep diving in, subsequent sessions will be $333, or you may consider the option below...
  3. Extensive six-month package - With weekly meetings where we can work with all the modalities I practice woven in, including quantum hypnosis. 


How to Book with me:

Start by booking a one hour Galactic Reading or Consultation by following the booking and payment button below.

For Quantum Hypnosis Sessions, the remainder of the fee is charged at booking for the 2-hour session. 


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Instagram: @bethfreemancoach

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