Self-Healing + Optional Certification

Humans are an incredible species.

Wired for survival, we have brains and bodies that were designed to keep us safe from danger. The 3D environment that we exist in, all the way back to the moment of conception, programs us for survival. From the parents we chose to the schools we attended, to the religious belief systems we were indoctrinated in from our family of origin, to any trauma we've all shapes our brains and nervous systems, forming our shadow side.

The problem?

We end up unknowingly consenting to allowing our fears, beliefs, and unconscious programming to shape the perceptions of ourselves, others, and the world we live in. Ultimately, our shadow side ends up dictating many if not every aspect of our lives.

We end up unconsciously creating a reality and sense of self that we may not have ever chosen, had we known we ever had a choice in the matter.

Here's what this might look like for you...

  • Picking a field of study or career path that no longer (or maybe never) felt aligned
  • Settling into a relationship that you are unhappy in
  • Earning less than you deserve
  • Not doing want you actually want in life because, what would people think?
  • Chronically putting everyone’s needs above your own, leaving you physically, emotionally, and energetically depleted
  • People-pleasing tendencies that feel damn-near impossible to break
  • Falling into a not-so-comfortable “normal” where you’re just sleepwalking through life, surviving but not actually living

So what is preventing us from choosing a new reality? Turning a blind-eye to our shadows.

Have you ever tried to choose a new path for yourself, breakaway from an intolerable situation, or change your beliefs about yourself, but you felt paralyzed and fell back into your old patterns?

Or maybe you made a big change, thinking that that would be the key to happiness, but you were disappointed to realize that you were still miserable, even in the new circumstance?

You may have internalized that the problem is you. But I assure you - it's not. It's just your unconscious programing. You’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.

We, as humans, are wired to stay small and safe - not to take risks or step out of line. All of the limiting beliefs that we have about ourselves due to our programming and wounding, which make up the shadow self, keep us locked in the cage that we’ve created for ourselves.

So, we can stay stuck within our own prison, rattling the bars, or...

We can learn how to unlock the latch and courageously step into a future that we intentionally choose for ourselves.

We are moving into a new paradigm on this planet. As we move into 4th Density and our consciousness evolves, we must learn to shed the old ways of the 3D. That means embracing the shadow - not rejecting it.

We must turn on the lights inside the house to see what cobwebs are in there. Once we can finally see clearly, we can do the inner work to close the wounds and move into an intentional life.

That’s what we are going to be doing in Shadow School. And after you’ve done this process for yourself, you’ll hold the key to help others unlock their own cages, should you choose to.

Humans are suppose to be free. We will never be free until we understand and embrace our shadows.

Join me and learn how to liberate yourself and others by learning how to work with our humanness - rather than against it.

Unlocking the Shadow's Gifts


My initiation into shadow work was back in 2016 when I threw myself onto the path of becoming a birth doula. I did everything I was *supposed* to do that I learned in my many trainings (for example, comfort measures, positive affirmations, hypnosis, etc) to prepare my clients for the intensity of labor, but when the contractions got strong and things got *real,* I noticed that most of my clients - no matter how much they desired a medication-free birth - would panic, become distressed, and reach for the drugs, against their own wishes. 

That's when I became fascinated with how the body and mind communicate with each other when faced with fear and other negative emotions. I decided to certify as a life coach to learn some new tools and began implementing shadow work into my prenatal visits with my clients. That's when everything changed. They began to have the confidence and resiliency to weather the fear, and medication became a helpful tool in the tool belt - not a choice made out of extreme duress.

My new life coaching tools, which allowed me to work with the conscious and subconscious mind in powerful ways, had limitations, however. I began to realize that the mind is just one piece of the whole, and when we are looking through the lens of mastery over the mind as the only solution, we can't hear what the body, the nervous system, and the intuition is saying.

When I realized that mindset work had taken me as far as it could go (and was actually negatively impacting myself and my clients through overuse), I had to discover for myself what was missing from my approach to facilitating inner work. I immersed myself in understanding the bigger picture of what makes us human and what our limitations are. That is what has led me to the work I do with my clients now - a multidimensional approach to working with the shadow.


Mindset is only one piece of the human puzzle. Here are the keys to complete the picture, which we will be diving deep into through guided self-discovery.

The Subconscious Mind

This is where our belief systems, programming, and wounding live which halts us from evolving. It's what's driving the bus and is hiding just beneath the surface.

The Conscious Mind

Our immediate awareness and where our thoughts live. Becoming the observer to this awareness allows us to make conscious - not default - choices in life.

The Soma & The Nervous System

The connection between the brain and the body, bypassing the conscious mind - this is the most primal system that tells us whether we are safe or not.

The Soul

What our soul chose to experience in this incarnation has a huge impact on our life path, and is also the key to choosing new timelines for ourselves.


Not all brains are created equal! Trauma, genetics, and wiring play a huge part in how our brains interpret the experience of being human. Awareness heals.

The Emotional Body

We're not born with a guidebook for how to navigate the intensity of the 3D, so we put ourselves through unnecessary pain.

We come to Earth to learn how to heal ourselves

It's my belief that our souls choose to incarnate to learn and experience what it is like to be separate from the whole (and yours chose Earth this time around, you brave soul!) As we experience separation, we forget that there is only one of us here, as we are all drops of Source, playing with and exploring what it means to be separate.

We can get so lost in the disconnection from the whole that we forget our true, sacred nature. But that's the point! We forget so that we can remember. Doing this inner, self-healing work is what allows us to make the journey back from separation to unity, as we realize that we all, as humans, have the same shadows and wounds to face but in different forms.

When we can access compassion for ourselves through the healing process, we can extend that compassion to others - and that is exactly what this planet needs most right now.

Choose Your Own Adventure

There are two paths to choose from within this program, depending on whether you want to do shadow work soley for you, or whether you want to also want to facilitate this work for others.

Self-Healing Track

$333/month for 6 months

The 6-month hybrid program for those who want to do this work primarily for their own benefit, rather than professionally

  • Video lessons released bi-weekly for self-guided inner work
  • Live bi-weekly 90-minute group calls on Tuesdays at 12 pm CST for guided inner work sessions with classmates
  • Peer support within a dedicated online community
  • Digital workbook
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Certification Track

$333/month for 9 months

Includes everything in the Self-Healing Track, plus:

  • 3 months of applying the tools learned in the Self-Healing Track
  • Learn to hold space and facilitate transformations for your clients
  • Feedback on practice sessions with peers and practice clients
  • Lifetime access* to Business Alchemy coaching calls and dedicated online business community space
  • Profile on the Shadow Guide directory 
  • Certificate with option to call yourself a Shadow Guide, Shadow Worker, or Spiritual Life Coach (depending on what resonates with you)
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Questions & Answers

New Timeline Up Ahead...Will You Take the Leap?

It is not selfish to put your healing first. In fact, everyone wins when you prioritize your own emotional and spiritual well-being. All it takes is one different choice to quantum leap yourself onto your highest timeline. That decision is usually an uncomfortable one filled with a certain degree of uncertainty, which is the choice to take the leap of faith that healing is possible for you. 

I can tell you that from doing this work with my clients for several years now that, as long as you allow yourself to be open, curious, and ready to look within, the healing you seek is inevitable. You are more resilient than you even know.

We start January 16th. You in?

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